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The VB Fusion Project

About VB Fusion Img

The Divot Spots

The bong consists of divot spots which are located in the neck of the bong, these hold pieces of ice to allow the user to enjoy a cooler smoking experience.

Flow Divider Plate

The flow divider plate when in place separates the bong smoke from the E-cigarette vapour, which allows for a better flavour and taste.

The flow divider plate goes in to one of three slots which are located in the mouth of the bong, and are used to control the amount of vapour compared to bong smoke.

The Bowl & Gauze

The bowl allows the user to change the mesh (Gauze) when needed and can be easily removed and replaced.

When using the bong the smoke enters the percolator, which cools and filters the smoke more evenly into the water.

The Stand

The Stand is used to connect the bong and an E-cigarette Vape Module together. This allows the user to combine all of their favourite vape flavours to the bong smoke.

The Stand is also designed to hold all traditional Vape modules and devices.


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